Remote Engagement and Coordination Online Toolkit

Values and principles

The Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy is underpinned by the following values and principles.

Respect and Integrity

  • Engagement is genuine, open and honest
  • Traditional authority and governance are respected by working with and being guided by local Aboriginal elders and leaders


  • Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy policy, processes and practice are endorsed, implemented and properly resourced
  • Enough time is given for practices to change and outcomes to  improve


  • Processes are agreed and adhered to and any changes are communicated
  • Decision-making is sustainable (economically viable, technically feasible, environmentally compatible, publicly acceptable and informed)
  • Ongoing evaluation is used to inform and improve policy, practice and outcomes
  • Close the loop — feedback is provided to keep the community informed of processes and outcomes


  • The purpose, scope and timeframes of the engagement are clear
  • Decision-making processes and boundaries (government and other) are understood
  • Information and communication is understood by all


  • Enough time and space is allowed for dialogue, to reflect and to develop shared understandings and inform decision making processes

Working Together

  • Relationships are established, maintained and based on mutual trust and respect
  • Ways of engagement are place-based to suit local needs, language, time-frames and cultural protocols
  • Participation is encouraged and representative
  • All points of view are freely expressed, heard and understood
  • Effective engagement is based on dialogue and active listening
  • Effective communication and coordination occurs within and across levels of government, other stakeholders and remote community members
Last updated: 23 Apr 2020