Remote Engagement and Coordination Online Toolkit

Following up on your community visit

After your  visit to a remote community, please consider the checklist below.

  • Conduct a debrief with the Aboriginal Interpreter and or community contact
  • Have you established a process to keep in contact with the community and relevant stakeholders?
  • Have you completed a report of your visit?
  • Do you need to adjust project timeframes/milestones?
  • Have any timeframes been agreed to by stakeholders? If not why not?
  • How will you be providing stakeholders with feedback?
  • Have you notified relevant agencies of any issues raised?
  • Have you objectively evaluated your performance?
  • Have you gained feedback from stakeholders about how they think the engagement went?
  • Have you identified any gaps in your skills or knowledge?


Post trip report

Evaluation framework for complex engagement

Last updated: 01 May 2020